Information Program

Rankins Information Program

The Rankins Information Program focuses on the needs of the community by offering before and after funeral support.
 Included in the program are:

Community Grief Support - what happens after the funeral?
Financial Planning - pre paid funerals maximise your pension entitlement.
Community talks - information now, may make the process easier when necessary.
Funeral Arrangements Illawarra, NSW
Rankins understands that when you  lose a loved one the grief you experience last long after the funeral day. That's why one of its RIP focuses on Community Grief Support.
The people Rankins serve are guided through the funeral process, helping them deal with the death but what then?

Grief is not only about sorrow and sadness. How do we recognise the symptoms of grief that affect us mentally, physically, socially and spiritually? Loss of memory, cant sleep, no appetite, headaches, colds, illness, anxious, concentration shot to pieces, angry, guilt, irritation, numbness, heightened sensitivity, lethargy etc. 

Rankins Funerals has responded to a clear community need that tells them more is needed in grief support. Rankins offer grief support evenings to families, friends, carers and health professionals in a sensitive and professional approach to understanding the different aspects of grief and finding your way through the loss and change.These evenings are open to the public at no charge but bookings are required.

Rankins staff have a genuine desire to offer more than expected, striving to find the "extra" that will allow families to honour their loved ones by creating a meaningful farewell. They know the little things do make a difference and their role does not end with the funeral service.

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