Planning Ahead

Plan Ahead

Death comes to all of us and pre-planning a funeral is one area of financial planning often neglected - particularly when enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Pre-planning is something we do all our lives. We put money aside for holidays, weddings, retirement and other important events. Thinking about making a will or planning for a funeral is a natural extension of these actions.

Although many people are reluctant to discuss this delicate issue, those who would otherwise assume this responsibility will long remember your thoughtfulness.

Not sad or morbid, just simple, sensible and practical. 
There are just two parts to a complete a funeral plan, each taken on its own or together:
1. Pre-Plan
  • Your wishes are recorded on our files and carried out as instructed.
  • Record personal details and family history that may not be known by others.
  • Specify personal aspects that make the service special.
This reduces the stress, indecision and uncertainty when death occurs. It also lessens the emotional burden on your loved ones.
Simply complete the form below and return to Rankins, we will copy and return the original to you.
2. Pre-Paid, allows you to pay for a future funeral at today's prices.
  • Remove the financial burden from your loved ones.
  • Peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order.
  • Prevents emotional overspending
  • Maximise your pension entitlement, this plan is not subject to the income and assets test.
  • You can choose to pay the full amount or by instalments.

Phone us on 02 4243 7130 for further information or an obligation free consultation to answer any queries and to assist with paperwork. We welcome your enquiries.

A Little forethought..... a great deal of benefit

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