Special Funeral Features

Special Funeral Features

Rankins can help personalise the ceremony with some extra touches. 
Display Items

Display your loved one’s favourite items and possessions. For example, the avid golfer might choose golf clubs leaning against the coffin, while a child might have a favourite teddy bear sitting on the casket.
Special Releases:

Rankins can organise a beautiful dove or butterfly release. The symbolic nature of a white dove offers a moving finale to a funeral ceremony. The symbolism of a butterfly release is much the same, only with a more colourful flair.
RSL Services:

Rankins Funerals can conduct or assist with RSL Services.  We can liaise with the RSL to be in attendance. Some special touches to honour those who served might include:
Flag place over the coffin, Poppies, The Ode, Guard Of Honour, Last Post / Reveille.

In addition to a traditional hearse, Rankins provides the option for families to have their loved one carried on a Harley Davidson motorcycle hearse-perfect for someone who loved a touch of the wild side.
Life Story Presentation:

A Life Story Presentation is a collection of photos of your loved one’s life journey, accompanied by music of your choice. The Life Story Presentation is viewed at a suitable time during the service and makes a memorable keepsake for the family.

Our chapel has a camera discreetly built into the ceiling to record the service and is presented to the family on USB thumb drive.
Live Music:

Music plays a large part in a funeral service. We often use music to express intense feeling and emotions. Songs of your choice played through our in house or portable sound system or we can organise a musician.
  • Organist            
  • Opera Singers
  • Harpist
  • Brass Bands
  • Buglers
  • String Quartet
  • Bagpipers
  • Vocalist
  • Violinist
Rankins Ladies, you may choose to have the Rankins Ladies arrange and conduct the funeral service.
Services for a Child:

Rankins can add those touches that are especially for a child's service.
  • Children's Music selection       
  • Balloon Release
  • Plaster cast of hand or foot     
  • Ink or clay prints of hands
  • Remembrance and personalised candle
  • Lock of hair
  • Use of teddy bears in hearse and during service
  • Fill the hearse with balloons and release the after the service.
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