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Funeral Home Near Illawarra, NSW

Rankins understands the death of a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic experiences we face in life. Whether we see it coming or not, we can be so numb with grief that we feel lost trying to figure out who to call or where to start the preparations. 

Don’t feel alone. Many people do not know what to do when a loved one dies and there are people to help. Understanding the steps that need to be taken may help to alleviate some of the stress at this difficult time.  

Rankins Funerals will be there to guide you. We provide the families in the Illawarra, NSW area with a variety of funeral services including funeral notices, funeral arrangements, and even pre-paid funerals. If you need assistance with making funeral arrangements, call us today.

Funeral Notices, Pre-Paid Funerals and Other Funeral Options Make This Transition Easier

If the death occurs at home, your first contact should be the doctor. If the doctor cannot be contacted,  phone the Radio Medical Service on 4228 5522 and they will issue relevant documents which will allow Rankins to transfer the deceased to our care.

It is required by law to have a ‘Death Certificate’ signed by a doctor before a funeral director can transfer the deceased into their care.

If the death occurs at a hospital or nursing home, nursing staff will arrange the required medical paperwork. Families contact the funeral home of their choice to make funeral arrangements.

If the deceased is interstate or overseas, the funeral director will attend to the necessary customs and transfer requirements.
In the case of an unexpected or accidental death, a doctor will notify the police and the police will notify the government appointed funeral contractor to transfer the deceased to the hospital in the care of the Coroner. Family still contact the funeral home of their choice to make funeral arrangements.
If you have doubts or are unsure of what to do, contact us first and we can guide you.

Rankins Funerals is Here to Help You

Regardless of circumstances, the second point of contact is a funeral home. At Rankins we are there with you from the start. When you phone Rankins and advise us of a death, we begin by transferring the deceased to our care. If you have pre-planned your funeral service then all your family needs to do is phone to advise us of the death and work out what day and time the service is to take place.

If the funeral service has not been pre-planned we set up a time to meet with you and your family, either at your home or at our offices, then we will guide and advise you through the necessary steps. At Rankins Funerals our professionally trained personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a locally owned funeral home, our philosophy is to be attuned to the community's needs. We will guide you through the arrangements and help you design a funeral to suite your religious, cultural or individual needs as simple or detailed as you would like.

Rankins believe an important aspect of arranging a funeral is taking the time to spend with families. The most important thing in our lives is family and by taking the time to talk to you and your family about your loved one, Rankins can help to create a meaningful way to say goodbye.
Funeral Notices, Illawarra, NSW

By your side...guiding you

 Rankins will attend to Funeral Notices and More:
  • Transferring the deceased to our care
  • Handling the required legal documents
  • Liaising with the clergy/celebrant
  • Liaising with the cemetery or crematorium
  • Organising floral tributes
  • Placing an announcement in the newspaper
  • Co-ordinating and attending the funeral
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